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LoRaWAN Plattformen und Softwarelösungen - ZENNER Connect

ZENNER Datahub

The all-rounder for connectivity

ZENNER Datahub is the central data hub and connectivity platform for the LoRaWAN® network of ZENNER Connect. The operation of the platform is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 27001. Customers use ZENNER Datahub to implement all services in the market role of active external market participant. This includes, for example, data transfer via the smart meter gateway’s CLS channel or the switching of generation plants and consumption systems. ZENNER Datahub also meets the SM-PKI requirements of the smart meter gateway.

In addition, applications in the field of metering and IoT can be implemented and systems can be controlled and switched. Thanks to ZENNER Datahub, you can implement applications such as controlling renewable energy systems, controlling combined heat and power systems or integrating systems according to EnWG (Energy Industry Act) Section 14a such as photovoltaic systems, heat pumps or e-charging stations.

ZENNER Datahub can either be obtained as SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) hosted at our data centre in Ludwigshafen or installed on-premise in your own data centre.

B.One Middleware ZENNER Connect

Data security

Data security in the ZENNER Datahub is ensured by a client-based structure, i.e. only authorised users have access to the data and it remains protected from prying eyes. The login process is additionally secured by OAuth 2.0. Moreover, the rights of users can be restricted based on their role. We undergo annual security and data protection audits and are BSI and, since 2018, also ISO 27001 certified.

Network management

New devices are registered via ZENNER Datahub and made known to the LoRaWAN® Network Server (LNS).

The LNS acts as an access control point, matching keys and allowing known devices into the network. What’s more, the Datahub is a powerful tool for monitoring purposes. For this purpose, different KPIs are also formed from the values.

Gateway management

New gateways are also registered in the ZENNER Datahub. Here you will find views for administration and monitoring of the gateways and firmware installations, updates and configurations can be distributed. If necessary, the connection can also be disconnected here or the gateway can be restarted. ZENNER Datahub offers options for monitoring the gateways and also forms corresponding KPIs.

End device management

In end device management, all kinds of wireless and wired sensors and meters are recorded, managed and configured. In addition to this, monitoring options are provided and meaningful key figures are formed. The data packets are interpreted using parsers and are made legible to the human mind.

Supported end device protocols


M-Bus – Modbus RTU / IP

IEC 1107 / 62056-21

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Metering & IoT applications with IoT platforms by ZENNER Connect

Metering & IoT applications

ZENNER Datahub is an ideal tool for mapping IoT and metering use cases. Submetering can be realised including CLS management and smart meter gateway connection. OMS key management enables the use of wireless M-bus systems.

Furthermore, a variety of visualisations, statistics and notifications are possible. For the connection of external systems, forwarding can be set up via different systems such as MQTT or HTTP.

CLS management

The toolbox for network stability: In order for the energy transition to succeed, additional electrical loads need to be balanced with intermittent generators. In combination with ZENNER Datahub, our CLS management offers the required opportunities for action in order to be able to respond to critical network states or to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Fulfilment of the regulatory requirements for CLS management is associated with a great deal of effort. To reduce this for our customers, actions can be used as a service via the CLS channel in SaaS operating mode. Switching and control operations are just some of the range of services. With ZENNER Connect CLS management, the secure CLS channel is available for (measurement) data from different sources and via multiple protocols such as LoRaWAN®. This enables you to implement future added value in the context of energy network digitalisation.

Realize your CLS management with IoT platforms such as the B.One middleware

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System control & switchover

  • End device control (PV systems, heat pump, etc.)
  • Registration, administration, configuration
  • Surveillance & monitoring
  • Group switching & schedules
  • KPI creation
  • Supported protocols:
    • Modbus RTU / IP
    • EEBus
    • IEC 61850
    • IEC 60870-5-104

Charging infrastructure management

  • Switching charging infrastructure
  • Registration, administration, configuration
  • Surveillance & monitoring
  • KPI creation
  • Supported protocols:
    • OCPP
    • EEBus



With element suite, ZENNER guarantees you a completely digital end-to-end data flow from device assembly and commissioning to the final application – without any media discontinuity. This is made possible by combining three components element go, element iot and element apps.

element suite ZENNER Connect / ZENNER IoT Solutions

element go is the smart and flexible field service management solution for digitalising your assembly and service processes in the field. The solution consists of a scheduling backend and a smartphone app, available for iOS and Android.

element IoT is the IoT platform from ZENNER that allows you to implement your device management, data visualisation, alarm creation and much more in a straightforward and professional manner. element IoT is available to you as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Managed Services or On-Premises version.

element apps offers you an application construction kit. Thanks to the low-code approach, you do not need extensive programming knowledge. You can quickly and independently create the right visualisation or application for your individual application using the modular principle. To get started even faster, simply use the ready-made out-of-the-box apps that are already integrated into element apps.